Case management

Even if in organization all of the risks governed and comply with all laws and regulations, problems and errors will still happen. Among important to have an effective system of case management for a variety of purposes, such as to provide evidence that can be of great value both in internal and external investigations.

Functional case management software solution GRCMD allows centralized record problems and automatically monitor. This module can be configured for different categories of objects: human resources, companies, errors, warnings, risk analysis and production. Cases can be extended to other types of data with simple configuration changes in the program. The module stores the data and facilitates reporting. Production processes form a common case management. GRCMD includes workflows for the most efficient organization of the interaction between the various departments of the organization of compliance to human resources, from internal audit to any other areas of business. These workflows can be used to quickly launch programs at the company, and then easily adjusted according to the specific needs of your organization. Any existing workflows can be imported into the program. When interacting with regulators or other external parties GRCMD track of which information has been provided and to whom.

Moreover, the powerful search engine to find additional program information related to this case.

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