Corporate governance

Functional policy management software allows you to manage GRCMD policies and integrate them into the overall management of the organization unit, and connect with policy management modules risk management, compliance, control systems, operations and processes.

The program GRCMD policy management functionality is similar to the process control functionality, but with specific functions for creating and maintaining policies in the organization. When you enter a new or change existing laws and legal acts, the program can keep track of how these changes affect the existing policy. Conversely, when you create a new policy, GRCMD verifies its compliance with applicable laws and regulatory legal acts. This feature, combined with workflows that contribute to the development process and its coordination, will reduce the time required for implementation and adaptation policies.

Policies can also be tracked and included in the instructions for specific operations and processes of the organization. For effective and consistent policy management, GRCMD enabling you to keep all policies and manage them centrally. The program provides an effective implementation of policies and their subsequent functioning within the organization. The possibility of periodic monitoring, coordination, analysis and review of all policies is an advantage of centralized management software GRCMD. GRCMD allows you to track scheduled periodic review and revision of policies and measures to reduce the risks and related operational measures. It also facilitates the development and approval of new policies and makes it simple and flexible.

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