Dashboards and Reporting

Functionality of reports and dashboards program GRCMD used for various tasks within the GRC. For example, the risks are displayed on the risks from the top organizational level with the ability to focus on the specific risks within the departments and the organization. Risk maps provide a visual graphical representation of the current risks at each level. According to the colors on the dashboard and risk maps can clearly see how it risks or areas should be given special attention.

In addition, information panels give a clear picture about the state of the control system and its effectiveness at the moment. According to the information panels can understand Are measures to reduce risks at each level of the organization in accordance with the value of the exposure.

Each component can have certain parameters associated with it, which affect the data displayed on the dashboard. For example, when one component of the panel displays the risks associated with the protection of data will also be displayed and the associated value of the exposure to this risk. The user can set or change the associated parameter (in this example - exposure). As soon as the value falls below the standard level of exposure, starts the process of adjusting to strengthen measures to reduce the level of risk. In addition, if the exposure value exceeds a certain threshold value, a warning is created and started the process improvement.

GRCMD allows users to create and manage reports in any form or format for both internal and external recipients, including regulatory approvals. Any existing tools of reporting within the organization can be integrated into GRCMD.

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