GRC Trainings

Board Level
- Trainings and Workshops

On the board level we help the board to understand the benefits and costs of an effective governance program. We help to place the buzz around GRC in the right context. As an example from a risk management perspective we help organisations to anticipate on social political risks as currently the case with international sanctions and the effect on attracting capital from the international markets for example.
Management Level
- Trainings, Workshops, Assisting in the implementation of Processes and Technology

On the management level we help next to trainings and workshops with the actual implementation of new processes and even technology to improve the organisation’s governance, risk management, audit, compliance or business process management disciplines.

For example from a risk managent process organisations already deal with financial risks and we help to make the next step to a more integrated risk management approach in which no longer there is a silo based approach to risk management and a correlated framework is build with operational risks, IT risks, environmental risks like market risks and political risks. In combination with the use of technology the organisation can reuse and optimise internal controls and keep costs of a better governance low and at the same time reducing the impact of inevitable losses.

Providing knowledge and assisting in change through (awareness, processes, technology) able insides and assist with
Operational Level
- Trainings, Workshops, Operational tasks in risk, compliance and audit.

On the operational level our consultants have on-hands experience in the various domains to assist in the effective execution of governance processes.

For example from a compliance perspective we can help on topics for example but not limited to like: anti-corruption, anti-trust, anti-money laundering, sanctions, regulatory compliance, know your client/employee/third parties, conflicts of interests.

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