There are internal and external legal and regulatory requirements, and manage enterprise risks using ARIS Governance, Risk and Compliance platform. Our process-driven solution combines Business Process Analysis (BPA) with audit processes, turning risk and compliance management into a strategic management tool.
Key Benefits:
observe trust
The establishment of control and acceptable levels of risk. Staying in line with your organization goals and policies. Reduce conflicts between business departments and offices.
Increase Business Agility
Identify inconsistencies and the root cause for action.
Adapt quickly to the new rules
Break the law and regulations in the control requirements, which can be handled wisely.
Identifying and reducing risks
Identification, documentation and risk assessment; the financial effect and probability; and identify measures to minimize the risks.
Reducing the risk of fines
Top management to minimize the impact of devastating sanctions for non-compliance.
Management profiles with the specified points
Conduct periodic or one-off surveys scenarios include risk identification, auditing suppliers, business impact analysis and more.
Analyze and communicate risk
Modeling of risk events along certain business processes chains; Analysis of dependencies between business processes, risks and controls; and use statistical methods to determine the probability of risk and damage distributions. Describe and analyze the risk scenarios in detail; describe the various risk scenarios; and communicate the risk of recourse to third parties.
Reducing complexity
Integrate all regulatory requirements in a unified approach and the internal control system (ICS). Create problems for the identified problems and weaknesses in the internal control system, so improvements can be initiated. Track action with two-stage question workflow.
Improve monitoring and reporting
GRC Process Monitor from your desktop or mobile panels. Reducing redundancy and ensure consistency of data and reports.
increase in efficiency
Standardize GRC processes using an integrated platform for all of the different risks and regulatory compliance. This is the central transportation hub also provides a "single point of truth" for compliance of all activities.
simplification of inspections
Schedule audit-related tasks and receive effective support for its time, management and reporting. The platform also includes a "self-audit" capabilities and seamless audit. Reduce the fee for the audit, and the reuse of process documentation.
Effectively manage incidents
With the help of easy to document the incidents and the resulting loss or damage. Basel II and Solvency II requirements are considered. Publish corporate principles and receive confirmation from the relevant people that were applied policy. Start-up and preparation of the document.
The use of real data in real time

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