GRCMD - a software solution of a new generation that has been specifically designed to support corporate governance, risk management and Compliance.
Effective risk management helps organizations reduce risks and reduce unnecessary losses. Risk management approach departs from analyzing only functional units, while generally ignoring the overall risk to the integrated approach of risk management. An integrated approach in the analysis of financial and non-financial risks and provides a more accurate and efficient calculation of capital reserves. Understanding the GRC as such differs from many manufacturers, software, and provides specialized GRCMD GRC-decision aimed at the successful integration of all three components of GRC and allows holistically evaluate organizational risks.
A complex system of laws and regulations, industry standards, regulations and procedures within the company, it is equally as various agreements affect the organization in a highly regulated industries, ranging from the financial sector and ending with the pharmaceutical industry. To effectively monitor the completeness of compliance with all applicable regulations and standards, inevitably becomes tight integration of functions of risk management and compliance controls with the function of corporate governance.
In developing our application, has been involved team of leading experts in the field of GRC, worked there for many years. Combining technological innovation on the one hand and the practical experience of the end users on the other, GRCMD became perfectly optimized GRC complex.
GRCMD brings corporate management to a new level, allowing you to automate the integration of not only different standards and regulatory requirements, but also the internal values and norms, its risk appetite and other business principles to the daily operations of the organization. GRCMD carried out constant monitoring of management, prioritization, descriptions of workflows, as well as a variety of charts and tables help to correct the organization's activities with respect to its own business principles that will only increase the efficiency of its work.

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