IBM Case manager

IBM Case Manager for Investigations leverages the capabilities of IBM case management and analytics for delivering timely and actionable investigative results for any type of environment, including mobile. Ideal for law enforcement, public safety and intelligence scenarios, Case Manager for Investigations is also used to address internal investigations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as risk assessment. With the ability to access to a wide range of information and analytic data, this solution ensures that investigations are completed efficiently and on a timely basis while adhering to corporate policies, regulations and industry standards.
IBM Case Manager for Investigations supports:

  • Informed decision making – using current data available from multiple sources.
  • Comprehensive investigations – using managed resources, workflows and both structured and unstructured information — even across silos of operation.
  • Detailed 360 degree view – of the entire case.
  • Advanced investigative measures – using a flexible, collaborative case investigation infrastructure.
  • Optimized collaboration and transparency – among key stakeholders, analysts, investigators and managers, while maintaining total process and audit control.

More Solution
Built on IBM's market-leading Case Management solution, and available with IBM i2's Intelligence Analysis Platform, and IBM Watson Content Analytics, IBM Case Manager for Investigations delivers a powerful and extensible solution for investigative teams across many industries.

  • Case Manager helps coordinate and manage the overall investigation and prepares ‘case ready’ reports for negotiation or prosecution.
  • i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform delivers insight and context, visualizes connections, and provides evidence/output for criminal or civil prosecution.
  • Watson Content Analytics searches, analyzes, and extracts entities; discovers suspicious patterns; provides flexible search and visualization unstructured data; pre-calculates and perpetually updates analytics; and scales to big data volumes.
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