iGrafx GRC

Business confidence through process management and control
Given the current requirements for regulatory compliance, companies need to be process-oriented organizations. iGrafx GRC can help with compliance with the provisions on internal control in accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory requirements for health, environmental and other regulations - structured, controlled and secure manner. With iGrafx GRC company can surely improve the common vision of business processes and information flows, including the risks and control points necessary to comply with regulatory requirements.
iGrafx GRC enables companies to:
Monitor compliance with regulatory requirements for visual maps documented processes
Ensure the accuracy and consistency of models with any corporate repository metadata
Provide validation processes models with customizable assessment procedures
Provide safe and secure access control and document management
Ensure a broad and flexible implementation at the expense of ease of use and setup
Build corporate governance on the basis of current and accurate knowledge about the organization
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
iGrafx GRC solution offers full support for the organization of internal control procedures in the organization in accordance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, provides ease of use, rich functionality and information security processes GRC. Thanks to its modular architecture, companies using iGrafx GRC can be sure that process owners, IT and compliance professionals have the necessary tools to improve the processes and systems of corporate governance as a whole, taking into account all relevant regulatory requirements, accounting and risk assessment, as well as providing the necessary information security.
iGrafx GRC also allows companies to integrate their procedures GRC with other initiatives to improve processes such as Lean Six Sigma, enterprise architecture design and so on.
By providing a single platform for corporate organizational improvement, iGrafx BPM helps companies achieve integrated documentation, ensuring regulatory requirements, risk management, and improve business processes, to achieve superior return on investment.
iGrafx GRC has long since become an integral part of helping companies to be certified ISO. Due to the unique, convenient solution to manage regulatory compliance, iGrafx GRC allows organizations to document, improve and manage processes in accordance with the standards of ISO. Introducing a process-oriented approach iGrafx GRC helps companies become better, respecting the standards and implementing a wide opportunities to achieve perfection.

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