iGrafx Performance central

Software iGrafx Performance Central helps organizations to identify problems and difficulties before they find customers. iGrafx Performance Central allows real-time to see the behavior of business processes and operational efficiency to the organization to respond quickly and efficiently to the bottom in order to achieve optimal performance. Solution displays graphical dashboards and scorecards to perform meaningful measurements of the most important business metrics.
Features iGrafx Performance Central:
Discrete and aggregate analysis. IGrafx Performance Scorecards display key performance indicators in a hierarchical order to analyze the goals and strategy of the organization.
Customizable dashboards. Create personalized dashboards and summary graphs that determine the correct type of information at the right level of detail for different roles in the organization. iGrafx provides users the ability to refine the panel to suit your needs.
High scalability. Monitoring key performance indicators of virtually unlimited size and number of data sources.
Collaborate in real time. Notification process owners and stakeholders of the process performance based on the configured filters and schedule for notifications. Support instant add comments simplifies the provision of feedback and provides interaction between colleagues.
Security. Protecting sensitive data by means of the authentication mechanism, which is convenient organization.

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